If you read part one of my blogging series, you now know what a RSS feed is and what Google Reader is. Congratulations! I’d say that probably 90% of casual web users have no idea what those two things are so you’re ahead of the pack.

Today I’ll show you how to find some blogs to subscribe to.

Top 100 Blogs

The first thing to do is visit this list by Technorati of the top 100 blogs on the internet.

When you consider that there are some 80 million blogs on the internet, being in the top 100 is quite an achievement.

Each of these blogs receives millions of visitors per month so it’s worth taking a look at a few of the blogs on this list.

Google Blog Search

One of the best ways to find new blogs is to go to the Google Blog Search page.

Type in a topic in the search field and Google will show you blogs about that topic.

In addition to searching for topics that are of personal interest to you, you should also search for the topic that you want your future blog to be about.

For example, let’s say you hope to start a blog about decorating. It would be good to find some decorating blogs to subscribe to.

Your assignment is to find 5-10 blogs to subscribe to. Check your Google Reader each day for new posts.

Before too long you’ll find that you have more than 10 subscriptions. As your number of subscriptions grows, you might want to create folders in your Google Reader to keep things organized. This Google Reader help page will show you how.

As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment or go to my contact page and send me an email.


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