It’s time to write your first post if you haven’t already.


First you’ll want to make sure that it’s easy for your readers to read your posts.

If your font is too small or too hard to read, people will be less inclined to visit your blog.

I recommend using Arial or Verdana font style, size 10 or 12.

You can select your font before typing each post but I recommend changing the default font in your template so that you don’t have to remember to set your font each time you write a post.

Here are instructions on how to change your default font in Blogger.

Set a Goal

You’ll lose momentum if you don’t push yourself at the beginning and set a goal for blogging.

I recommend writing one post per day your first month.

If that is too demanding for your schedule, choose a different goal, but make sure you write posts regularly.

The more posts you write, the more traffic your blog will receive, and the more you’ll get the hang of blogging.

Post Topic Ideas

Here are some post topic suggestions:

*An introductory post that tells your story and what your blog will be about.

*A series of posts about a particular topic. For example, if you have a photography blog, you could have a series of posts about how to take photos of birds.

*Post a link to a YouTube video about topic that is pertinent to your blog. This is a good post to do when you don’t feel like writing a post.

*Look at the news and current events of the day and write a post about that news item that ties in with the topic of your blog.

Categories and Labels

Be sure to choose labels and/or categories for each post. This will help readers be able to find all your posts about a particular topic.

In the next post I’ll give you tips on how to find content for your blog and the best way to do research for your blog posts. Until then, happy blogging!


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