Yesterday a neighbor friend wandered into my yard and noticed that there were crocuses in bloom in the “way back” of my yard.

This was news to me. I had no idea we had crocuses back there. My back yard is very large and, sadly, I often don’t go into the way back unless I’m mowing.

Then I told her I need to buy some more bark chips for a flower bed and she pointed out all the bark chips at the base of my silver maple trees.

She said she uses those in lieu of buying mulch. Funny, I had never really noticed those bark chips before and certainly never thought to use them in that way.

Then in the evening I walked briskly through the living room, my mind focused on the pressing tasks on my agenda.

My youngest daughter stopped my and pointed out the picture window and said, “Look at the sky!”

She insisted on taking a photo with my Blackberry phone.

My oldest daughter, the only one who knows how to use our complicated Nikon camera, would be appalled that I posted that photo, because it’s unedited (I don’t know how to use PhotoShop).

But I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read this blog so I’m safe. :D

Then I sat down to read a hilarious blog that I had discovered a few days ago. Someone brought a post to my attention that was hilarious and I showed it to a friend.

She went on to discover other great posts on that blog that I hadn’t noticed myself and brought them to my attention. These have given me much needed laughs this week (and will be this week’s Fun Friday feature).

It seems the people in my life are forever noticing things I would have missed.

All of which reminds me of my favorite George and Martha
story (George & Martha is a children’s book about two best friends. It’s my favorite book about friendship and I’ve written about it before here).

It’s a nice sunny day and Martha sees that it’s a perfect day for a picnic.

George keeps snoozing on his bed and refuses to budge. So Martha pushes him to the park in his bed and they have a picnic.

George finally gets up and notices that it’s a great day after all and enjoys the picnic.

Martha falls asleep because of all the work she put into pushing George to the picnic.

I’m sure I’ve exhausted a few friends over the years as they’ve “pushed” me.

But that’s what friends are for I guess. :-)

Or as that U2 song goes: “A friend is someone who lets you help.”


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