We’ve had a few unusually warm March days this week so I spent quite a bit of time at the park with my youngest daughter.

Yesterday she didn’t have playmates at the park because there were no big sisters or other kids around, so she played alone for some time while I sat and read a book.

After a while she ran up to me and said that her new friend, Imagination Girl, had to leave for a few minutes.

“Imagination Girl?” I asked.

“My new invisible friend,” she said.

“What’s her superpower?”

“She makes little girls feel less sad and less lonely,” she said.  Awwww.

I thought it was fun how she invented a new character in her life on the spot.

It occurred to me that this invisible friend thing isn’t just a kid thing.

Moms have invisible friends/alter egos too, as the Vicki the Biker character in Rose is Rose shows us:

I love Vicki the Biker (check out an archives here) and wish that character appeared in Rose is Rose at least once a week:

Rose Is Rose

Here’s one more:

Rose Is Rose

In almost every close friendship I’ve had since I was a teenager, the friend and I have had various personas, alter ego characters and sometimes nicknames for each other that are unique to the friendship.

These alter egos/invisible friends have been named The Phantom, Sybil, Dixie the diner waitress, etc. For some reason these characters just
developed naturally and if one friend was struggling with, say, being assertive in a situation the other could say, “It’s time to channel your inner Vicki the Biker.”

I guess you don’t have to be a novelist to create characters in your life.


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