Today I will talk more about how to get ideas for content for your blog.

In addition to writing the occasional series of posts about a topic and having a goal of a certain number of posts per week, I find it helpful to devote certain days of the week to certain posts.

For example, on this blog I’ve started Fun Friday, where I post something fun as a mental health break.

This helps give your blog a structure, which makes it easier to create content.

Google News

If you’re stuck for an idea for a blog post, go to Google News.

For example, I recently typed the word “golf” in Google News and found a cool story about how coyotes have made frequent appearances on a certain golf course.

The article goes on to talk about how, over the years, seagulls have whisked away golf balls, thinking they are eggs, and how alligators sometimes make cameo appearances in water hazards on golf courses in Florida.

It also mentions that rabbit holes were the inspiration for the invention of the sport of golf back in the 1500s.

So if you had a blog about golf, you could get an interesting blog post from that article.

When using Google News don’t limit yourself to searches in your niche.

There’s usually a way to take any current events story and use it in your blog.


Amazon is a source of ideas for blog posts too. If you go there and type in a term, you’ll get a long list of books on that topic.

Maybe there’s a book there you’ll want to read and review for your blog.

Also, simply scanning all the book titles can give you ideas for content or maybe even a how-to series of posts. The book titles show you which topics are popular in your  niche.

For example, I typed “tomatoes” in the book category of Amazon. One of the top books about tomatoes right now is called “Carrots Love Tomatoes: The Secrets of Companion Planting For Successful Gardening.”

So if you had a blog about tomatoes or about gardening, you could write a post or series of posts about companion planting.

Your assignment is to set a schedule for your blog and write your first few posts if you haven’t already.

My next post will be about traffic. Writing awesome blog posts is great, but you want people to read them, right? I’ll show you how to get readers and how to find out how to monitor how much traffic your blog receives.


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