Last night I had a chat with a young friend on Facebook who told me how he always kept a deck of tarot cards in his pocket when he was in high school.

He loves analyzing people and used these cards as a way to initiate conversations that never would have happened without the cards.

While doing a “reading”  he would point out things about the person that he gleaned from personal observation. The cards had nothing to do with it.

He wouldn’t have been able to be this analytical and direct in a normal conversation. But in the context of the “reading” people opened up to him.

Well, the girls did. The boys mostly argued with him. He was OK with that because it helped him learn about human behavior all the more.

Some of the girls thought he had a “gift,” which he found very amusing. It’s interesting how as a result of those silly cards many people felt comfortable talking to him.

By no means am I arguing that we should all carry around tarot cards. But it’s interesting to ponder how stories are like tarot cards in conversation.

If you tell a story and show empathy it’s a way to share your personal observations in a way that is less intense and direct.

Just like my friend would point to a tarot card when talking to a person about, say, their anxiety, you can do the same and do a “reading” by pulling out a story from your own life that relates to that person’s problem.


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