Spring break started four hours ago yet I’m already feeling how oxymoronic the phrase “spring break” is when you’re a parent.

Within three minutes of my daughters arriving home from school there were kerfuffles and tears.

The agita continued to such a degree that I finally fled with the youngest daughters to La Bamba for lunch and then the library.

Lunch and library. A good survival strategy when you aren’t on a vacation and have to spend spring break at home with children.

I’m consoling myself by looking at Vicki the Biker comics and like her advice and am adding it to the mix: Head north. Alone.

Vicki the biker’s reaction to spring is entirely appropriate, I think:

Here’s another good tip… linger in the car and listen to music (or just sit and enjoy the silence) after you pull into the driveway and the kids have already run inside:

In fact, I did that today, after the library excursion. I sat in the car for a few minutes after the girls ran inside.

Eventually my youngest daughter came back out and gave me two Skittles. “Maybe these will cheer you up.” Awwwww.

I know these tips aren’t as enthralling as, say, a trip to Disneyland for spring break. But whatever helps put the “break” back into Spring Break for those of us parents who have to stay home with kids during spring break.

Now I’m going to head south. Which for me means the grocery store.


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