The children’s book Ferdinand the Bull, by Munro Leaf, was my favorite book when I was a young child.

I also had a recording of the story on a 45 and listened to it countless times.

Ferdinand is a young bull in Spain. Unlike the other bulls, he prefers to sit quietly under the cork tree all day and smell the flowers.

His mother “was an understanding mother, even though she was a cow,” and let him sit quietly all day.

But due to a misunderstanding (aren’t introverts often misunderstood?) he is dragged by five men in funny hats to Madrid to fight in the bullring.

Of course he just sits quietly in the middle of the bullring.

The plush Ferdinand you see in the photo up there has been for sale on eBay for at least a couple of years. The asking price is $999. So I’ll just have to sit quietly and look at the photo of it instead.

Here’s my favorite video of a reading of Ferdinand the Bull. The illustrations in the book are wonderful and you’ll get to see them all here:


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