Have you ever worried that you’re not meeting someone’s needs or had times you were afraid to express your needs?

Thoughts like these usually make me think of the opening scene of the 1960s Avengers episodes with the spy duo Emma Peel and John Steed.

These scenes always began with Steed letting Mrs. Peel know that they were needed for an assignment.

He used clever ways to do this, as you can see in this montage of opening scenes (and check out those yellow ankle boots at the 5:15 mark):

I like these “Mrs Peel, We’re Needed” scenes because:

*You never see Mrs. Peel wringing her hands, wondering if anyone needs her. She’s comfortable hanging out in the science lab, practicing fencing, working on a painting, etc.

*Mrs. Peel herself isn’t needy – other than that one scene where she lets Steed know via a rubber duck that he’s needed. In the fight scenes she saves him as much as he saves her.

*Steed isn’t afraid to express that he needs her but does it in such a creative way that she smiles…he’s able to make her feel appreciated in the way he asks for her help. A simple “you’re needed” is often all it takes.

A final thought about needs: if no one has said, “you’re needed” yet you still think you should offer help, stop and ask yourself if your desire to help is simply because you want to feel needed. If so, your help might not be all that helpful.

It can be hard to wait for the “you’re needed” summons. You could always take up fencing to help pass the time…


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