Today I’d like to address this  question from Snoopy:

This comes from the series of Peanuts strips about tangerine pool tables in yesterday’s post.

A reader wrote to me and said what she’d really like to see is pink golf courses.

So that set me to thinking…and Googling, of course.

It does not appear that there are any pink golf courses. Alas. There are the expected references to breast cancer awareness and golf. This site about pink golf is kind of cool.

So I’ll make my own case for pink golf.

Although I’ve been a devotee of Flying Lady pink golf balls for many years (even before breast cancer awareness), what I mean by pink golf is more along the lines of what Erma Bombeck once said: golf is something women do with their hands while they talk.

This is why I usually only ever golfed when I’ve had another woman or group of women to golf with. Golf is kind of meaningless for me otherwise.

On any given day I’d tell you that tennis is my sport of choice because, unlike golf courses, tennis courts are free,  the fast pace and quick-thinking required in tennis supposedly helps prevent dementia, in just a half hour you get an outstanding workout (golf isn’t much of a workout) and doesn’t take up half the day the way golf does, etc., etc.

As much as I like tennis, however, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced deep conversation, side-splitting laughter… and even healing… on the tennis court like I have on the golf course.

That’s because when I play golf it has nothing to do with golf. Whereas tennis has everything to do with tennis.

I’ll share some golf stories  in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!


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