It’s funny.

As important as golf was to my friendship with my high school best friend, you’d think my college best friend and I would’ve raced out to the golf course together right after learning we both played golf.

That’s what normal friends would do upon learning they have a shared interest.

Except we didn’t do that.

In fact, we both seemed to go out of our way to not talk to each other about golf after that.

We lived together for three years, spent tons of time together and were very open with each other about everything…except golf and our grade point averages. Those were the two great undiscussed topics.

During the spring of my junior year we worked up the nerve to confess our grade point averages to each other. We braced ourselves, fearing the other person would have a much better GPA. We laughed and laughed when we found out our GPAs were identical.

After that confession it became easier to bring up the topic of golf again. We sheepishly admitted to each other that the reason we never talked about golf, much less golfed together, is because we were afraid we would become competitive on the golf course and that it would harm our friendship.

We laughed at the silliness of that. You’d think we would’ve set up a tee time after that, but no. We were still afraid that golfing together would be all about golf.

Finally, FINALLY, about 12 years after college graduation, we decided to be brave and go golfing together at a golf course somewhere near the Twin Cities.

We laughed uncontrollably many times at our silly shots. We kept score (I won by a few strokes!) but it didn’t matter. Besides, we did so much cheating anyway so the scores were’t all that precise.

We laughed so much I think I was literally high on laughter when we finally walked into the parking lot after our game. It was the most fun we’ve ever had together and the most fun I’ve ever had on a golf course…and it had nothing to do with golf.


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