A couple of weeks ago my oldest daughter told me she saw Mr. Clean Magic Eraser mops at the grocery store and wondered if she should buy one.

There was no need for her to be so polite and ask for my permission because I’ve made no secret of my passion for Magic Erasers. She went out and bought one right away.

The enthralling part isn’t so much the mop but the giant Magic Eraser. In fact, one could just buy the eraser and forget the mop, although the mop comes in handy for wiping down walls and the tub. Oh, and the floor too.

This morning it’s raining heavily, putting me in the mood to clean, and I was actually disappointed that our walls weren’t dirtier because it’s satisfying to wipe that giant Magic Eraser across the wall and see it come clean so quickly.

These don’t replace the regular size Magic Erasers. Those are still necessary for clean up in the kitchen. Nothing cleans a dirty coffee mug better than a Magic Eraser.

I’ve noticed that Amazon now sells a plastic tub of plastic tub of TEN Magic Erasers.Oh joy!


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