Dear Lay’s Barbeque Potato Chips,

Thank you for being the only snack item in my cupboards right now.

I could easily be resentful over this but, because I hate your flavor, it’s easy for me to ignore you and feel all virtuous about not indulging in potato chips, instead of feeling guilty, like I would if you were Lay’s Cheddar & Sour Cream* potato chips, because the temptation to inhale a 150 calorie serving in about 15 seconds would be far too overwhelming.

Come back to my cupboards any time because fueling my delusion that I have self-control is so worth it and easier on my waistline.

Kind Regards,


*Pringles reduced fat original flavor potato chips would actually be my preferred chip but they are not gluten-free, so I can no longer eat them. I am far less philosophical about this type of potato chip restraint and can only say “Wah!”


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