The other day I came across this popular video of an actress doing 21 different accents.

I came across it while doing a search for “New Zealand accents” because I was telling one of my daughters how a vendor at a local farmer’s market has on more than one occasion asked me if I’m from New Zealand.

Of course I’m always all, “Dude, I’m from Wisconsin. Can’t you hear me talk? Wiss KAHN sen.”

But I dunno. There have been other times people have thought I was from a foreign country. Maybe the combination of having a 5th grade teacher that was from New Zealand (I adored her – she was the only elementary school teacher I had who was laid back and didn’t freak out over my reluctance to raise my hand in class), living in Massachusetts for four years (although I hated the way they always called me “Aniter” so surely I would have stubbornly resisted letting that accent into my speech?), living in Illinois the first 6 years of my life and taking way too many French classes in college has messed up my Wisconsin accent.

Or maybe it’s just because what I’m saying is too unintelligible to them so they assume I have a foreign accent. :-)

Anyway, here’s Amy Walker doing her 21 accents:

To round out the fun, below is a theory about how language started. I think it’s a highly plausible one. :-)


Hope you have (or had) a fun Friday!


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