I discovered the band Muse earlier this week and since then their song Exogenesis Symphony: Part 1 has been the song I listen to on repeat as I write… and do most anything else. I’m surprised my family hasn’t done an intervention yet (although maybe they like the song too. I can always hope).

It’s a beautiful symphony and almost makes me want to take out my violin and play it. Which is saying a lot because the only other thing that would make me pick up a violin again is playing Cavatina with my brother.

The song sounds so much like a soundtrack. No wonder listening to it makes it so much easier to write. Or do dishes. If our lives need great scenes and inciting incidents, they also need soundtracks, right?

The singer Matthew Bellamy composed and arranged this symphony. Pretty impressive.

He’s also a highly regarded guitar player and pianist. He plays the piano part on part two of this symphony. You can get a glimpse of that here. But first listen to this:


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