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When I was a kid I LOVED playing Monopoly.

There was a strategy I used that completely demoralized my opponents – usually my brother and neighborhood boys – but always resulted in my win.

And the occasional overturned table (my wins didn’t always go over well).

Throughout the game, when nobody was looking, I would stash some of my hard-earned money in my socks (fortunately tube socks were “in” back then).

Then, late in the game, when I would have to pay rent on a high end property, and my opponent started rubbing his hands together with excitement because it looked like I was too low in funds to pay, I nonchalantly whipped out a stash of $500s and $100s.

This was very satisfying to me, of course.

Even better was when I sometimes forgot that I had stashed money in my socks and suddenly remembered at the right moment. That was always a thrill.

I didn’t use this money in the socks strategy every game because I wanted the boys to be on their toes.

Besides, I had other Monopoly strategies I used as well.

My Monopoly-playing days are over but I still look for those money in the socks moments.

I’m not necessarily talking about literal money… or things that make competitors/opponents overturn their tables… but simply being aware and grateful of the resources around me.

For example, at 11:30 p.m. last Saturday, a customer who bought something from a website of mine noticed the download page could be hacked into if someone was devious enough to try.

I had no idea how to fix that so I quick searched a forum to get the proper code to install on the web page and then ran it past a friend via email to make sure it was correct.

She replied within 5 minutes even though it was 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday. The kind customer also gave me some additional info to make the page even more secure.

That was a money in the socks moment for me and I was able to go to bed without feeling stressed.

As for the moments comparable to having money in your socks without realizing it.. several years ago I never would have thought I had it in me to add code to a website. Or start a writing business. Or give birth to a child at home.

I’m sure you’ve found plenty of money in your socks over the years too

Here’s to more money in the socks moments.


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