My 14-year-old had her first tennis practice of the season today and the coach asked the girls to pick a word to use to help them focus whenever they feel tired or like giving up.

They have to come up with the word by Friday but my daughter has already chosen hers – the word “engage” from Star Trek.

“Engage” is what the captain says when he or she wants the ship to move forward.

Below is a clip of Captain Picard saying “engage!”

I see they included some other words in this clip. I noticed how these words are so applicable to everyday situations and so refreshingly pithy:

“Let’s see what’s out there.”

“I’ve lost contact.”

“Make it so.”

“Red alert!”


“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Get it done.”


I was going to swipe the word “engage” and start using that too (I already used it about 20 times while mowing the front lawn in the heat and humidity today) but I think I’ll start swiping all those words :-)


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