Did you know Care Bears grow up to become Nobody-Cares Bears?

Kelly Parkinson, in a fun post on her blog, introduced me to the concept of Nobody-Cares bears.

While reading her post I also realized that there are certain Nobody-Cares bears that surround me as a blogger.

Here are some of them:

1. That’s-Not-Funny Bear – Erma Bombeck said it’s easier to make someone cry than to make them laugh.

This is why people are often prone to tell sad stories or to whine about stuff.

Whenever I write something I think might be funny, the That’s-Not-Funny Bear shows up immediately.

Because of that bear I’m sometimes reduced to showing the post to one of my older daughters first, to make sure it’s not lame.

2. What-Will-Your-Friends-And-Family-Think Bear. This bear is especially chatty and is the most ruthless of the bears.

This bear knows that having people who know you read your posts can be anxiety-inducing and milks it for all it’s worth:

“What will your friends/family think if they see that you read a book like that?”

“Your friends/family are going to roll their eyes because this post will make you look really shallow/silly and they will like you a little bit less as a result.”

“Your friends/family are going to laugh at how confident you sound in that post because they know you really are a wimp.”

“Your family is going to say, ‘Yikes, I’m related to her?” when they read that.”

“Your friends will say, “I used to think she was an interesting person but then I started reading this blog. Oh well.'”

I told you that bear was ruthless. :)

3. TMI Bear – This is the bear that is very, very afraid what you’re about to post has Too Much Information (TMI) about your life or weaknesses.

When the TMI Bear shows up, I remind myself  how this post is one of the most popular posts on my blog.

More people bought copies of the book I mention in that post than any other book I’ve mentioned on this blog (I know this because I get a teeny tiny commission on Amazon purchases readers make from my Amazon links).

In that post I share how I didn’t at all have my act together that day and I guess it resonated with people. So there, TMI Bear.

4. Who-D0-You-Think-You-Are Bear. This is the bear that I can count on to say, “Who do you think you are to write anything about anxiety/depression/marriage/friendship? You’re not a counselor/professor/author.”

5. OMG Bear – This is a catch-all bear that brings up anything the other bears may have missed. “OMG, why are you wasting time writing blog posts?”

Maybe you face the Nobody-Cares Bears too even if you aren’t a blogger.

Anyway, if you ever thought blogging was about personal fulfillment or ego, then I hope this post has showed you how that’s not at all the case.

Blogging is instead about fighting the Nobody-Cares Bears, sipping from the elixir of anxiety, discovering who you really are beyond your roles in life and ultimately, I hope, becoming a better person in the process.

Off to do some bear hunting…


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