This week we’ve reached a point in the summer where I’ve made two trips to the grocery store mostly for amusement, just to get the youngest kids out of the house and to stop them from pestering me for things to do.

I’ve even been reduced to watching some episodes of Wipeout online with them,  even though it’s the most interminable 44 minutes of television ever. Wipeout is no Mad Men, which is the most awesome TV show ever, but they insist I watch it with them.

In short, they are tired of the usual amusements and I’m just tired.

So the other morning when they inexplicably woke up before 7 a.m., much to my dismay, I remembered that there were lawn clippings on the front yard because I had mowed the evening before. Aha!

I know some people diligently keep lawn clippings off their yard by attaching a bag to their mower to collect the clippings.

Raking is an option too.

Or they use a mulching lawn mower that leaves behind finely shredded clippings.

The lawn clippings on my yard weren’t exactly finely shredded. Ahem.

Yet I like to leave clippings on the yard as fertilizer. So when the girls were awake before 7 a.m. and full of energy, I discovered that spreading around the lawn clippings was a most excellent activity to suggest to them when they asked the “What should we do?” question.

They picked up the clippings and threw them in the air and kicked them around to spread them. We actually had fun.

The grass still doesn’t look like a carpet  – you can see some dried bits of grass clippings on it.  But it is, after all, a yard.

And since that morning they’ve been sleeping in. Aaahhh.


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