Now that we’re moving in to fall, the normal thing to do would be to think about buying new clothes. Yawn. Not interested. Too much work.

Plus shopping requires spending money. Not interested in doing that either.

I was reminded yesterday how that’s just as well. I came across this quote from a Edna Woolman Chase, who was Vogue’s fashion editor from 1914-1952:

The two requisites for being beautifully dressed are 1.) taste and 2) a severely limited budget. Mediocrity is the result of having too much money to spend.

That reminded me of things fashion guru Tim Gunn says:

I believe in shopping on a budget. I know firsthand from working with people that more fashion mistakes happen when people have an unlimited amount of money. They just pick things up willy-nilly, versus someone who’s on a budget and thinking, “Will this work in my wardrobe?”

I’m glad there’s at least one perk to having a severely limited budget.


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