Are you sick of the word “exercise?” Me too, which is why I’ve borrowed the phrase “Dedicated Body Time” from the blogger Peacebang.

Dedicated Body Time is simply time set aside where you are moving around – no sitting – and it doesn’t have to be conventional exercises and you don’t wear special workout clothes.

My DBT occurs every weekday after I drop my youngest children off at school. Before I start in on the day’s writing projects I spend 30-60 minutes doing one or more of the following:

* Picking up sticks in the backyard (this is actually a good workout – my heart rate gets up to 140 – because our backyard is big and there are lots of sticks to haul around).

* Sweeping.

* A set of 5 Hindu pushups.

* 50 Tai Chi waist turners.

* Walking a labyrinth.

* Walking a nature trail.

* Hitting tennis balls against a wall at a nearby court and practicing my serve.

* Lawn mowing.

* Walking to the library carrying a bag of books to return.

* Weeding.

Activities like these don’t make me feel like a machine the way regular exercise often does.


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