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For some reason I’m never inclined to take photos (or, more accurately, ask my oldest daughter to take photos) of the flowers in our yard in the summer.

As much as I like the star gazer lilies, peonies, hibiscus, petunias, etc. I’m also aware of how evanescent they are.

But come fall I start noticing the flowers in a different way because there are a lot less of them. The shrub roses in particular keep hanging in there even until early December and I really like that and draw encouragement from that more than I do from the summer flowers. I hardly notice the roses when all the other flowers are in bloom during the summer so it’s nice they can have their moment in the fall.

Whereas the mums almost make me grumpy when I look at them because they are branded as a fall flower and remind me too much that winter is coming. Not so with the roses.

This week my daughter’s Barbra Streisand rose started blooming again (see above photo), which was a surprise because it’s a tea rose, not a hardy shrub rose.

She planted it in June and it had one stunning bloom and then went dormant, much to our disappointment.

She planted an Elizabeth Taylor rose in that same spot last year and after one bloom the plant literally disappeared. The plant just had a single stem so we don’t know if it blew away or what. Weird.

So it was exciting for us to see the Barbra Streisand rose come back to life this week. These tea roses can be fussy so I hope it blooms again next year.


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