A distinguished reader of this blog brought the Mockingbird to my attention the other day. It’s a favorite bird in the south and known for its ability to sing the songs of other birds in addition to many common noises such as a car alarm, cell phone, creaky door and so many others.

Here’s the best video/audio I’ve found so far of a Mockingbird singing at night. The bachelors sing at night until they find a mate.

Here are some of the various sounds the Mockingbird makes in the video: CRICKET at (57 sec.), FROG at (1min. 7sec.), WOODPECKER, some kind of HAWK and possibly a LAUGHING HYENA at 5min 3sec.

A bird map indicates the Mockingbird visits southern Wisconsin in the summer so I sent a text to a friend who is a bird expert to see if she’s ever heard one here. She has not.

But there’s hope: I now have family in Texas and the Mockingbird is the state bird in Texas so I may get to hear one someday after all.

I gotta stop falling for birds that don’t live in Wisconsin. :)


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