Their neuroses fit together like gloves.


The above is a line from Nora Jane: A Life in Stories that I tweaked into a six word story.

If you like fiction I recommend this book, which is a collection of short stories and one novella about Nora Jane. The author Ellen Gilchrist wrote  the stories over a period of 20 years. The first story begins when Nora is a little girl and ends about 35 years later.

A side note: The two main male characters are best friends and see each other almost every day, even though they are married and have kids. It’s a sub plot I found interesting, because it’s unusual to see male friendships like this both in stories and in everyday life. At my physical last fall my doctor asked me “Do you have 3-5 friends you can confide in?” He said he begins every physical with questions like that because he thinks those questions are even more important than things like cholesterol numbers. He told me men always answer the friendship question by saying they have zero or, at most, one friend to confide in.

Anyway, back to the book… the book isn’t heavy on character analysis but the characters are charming enough and the plot interesting enough that I found myself staying up late reading it and then wanting to read it again first thing in the morning. Sometimes you need a book like that.


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