Any woman who spends her 20s dabbling in computer software and moonlighting as a cello player for rock bands is someone I’m going to be instantly taken with and want to know more about.

And when I hear her music, like that in the below video? Then I immediately become a fan and put it on my playlist of music to listen to obsessively while writing.

The cellist in question is Zoe Keating. According to her website, she is “a one-woman orchestra. She uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, to create lush, beautiful and otherworldy music.”

Observe (and listen):

Her “Into the Trees” album debuted at #7 on the classical charts this summer, even though she had no marketing or publicity. She has sold 35,000 CDs on her own and you can buy her CDs and MP3s on her site using PayPal. As a scrappy entrepreneur myself, I think all this is very cool too.

You can even listen to five songs from the album on her website.

It’s nice to have some new cello music to add to my cello playlist, which until now consisted entirely of the Bach Cello Suites and a few Jacquelie du Pre pieces (this du Pre piece is my favorite but I can’t listen to it too often because I find it so deeply moving – cello music is often like that).

I took cello lessons several years ago with the hope of learning to play a few of the suites (yeah, I was probably a bit delusional). Then I became pregnant with child #3 and set that all aside.

I happened to be listening to the Bach Cello Suites (as performed by Yo-Yo Ma) when she was born. The most difficult part of the labor occurred during the 5th suite, which is the most intense and most somber suite. She was born during the 6th suite, which is the most joyful of the suites.

Although nothing will ever quite equal, and certainly never surpass, the Bach Cello Suites, it’s wonderful to have a new cellist on the scene.


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