For some reason, even though it aired for eight seasons from 2002-2009 and was the most popular cable show ever, I only recently discovered the show Monk, which is about an Obsessive Compulsive Detective.

All the episodes are available on Netflix’s instant viewing so we’ve been watching an episode or two most evenings. I’m trying to carefully space out the episodes so they last us all winter. That all four of my girls like the show is proof of its broad quirky appeal.

Tony Shalhoub is the actor who plays Adrian Monk and knowing he was born and raised in Green Bay, WI adds to his appeal. I found out yesterday he helped produce and starred in the indie movie Feed The Fish, which was filmed in Door County, WI.  It’s only available to watch on Netflix instant viewing (the film never saw a wide release) and it took no convincing to get my daughters to watch it with me this evening.

All the scenes in the movie of the snow-covered Wisconsin landscape would’ve been enough to make me feel wistful, except I’m currently smack dab in the midst of Wisconsin and snow right now. The piles of snow are so high it makes turns at intersections an act of faith, where you hope there’s no car there to smash into you, and the temps have plunged back into the single digits during the day and below zero at night, so things like intellectually stimulating conversations and reading substantive books just aren’t happening right now, as we’re too busy burrowing in under the afghans my grandmother made and watching Monk. Oh, wait. Wasn’t this post supposed to be about making winter less tedious? Oops. :D

P. S.  I liked this interview with Tony Shalhoub. If you’re already a Monk fan you’ll like watching it too.


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