Image and video hosting by TinyPicBelow are a few songs I’ve added to my playlist in the last week or two. They’ve been fun to listen to while doing things like driving 262 miles in constant rain (Pandora radio helped with that too), enduring the exhausting two-handed kettlebell swing, surviving spring break at home with the kids, etc.

I’m not normally into heavy metal music (shocking, I know) but I guess because because this song by Sevendust uses acoustic guitars, I find it easier on the ears than conventional metal and it’s fun to listen to:

From the other end of the music spectrum is this song by Newsboys:

And this one from Robyn, whose songs (the ones I’ve heard anyway) don’t ever have lyrics that make one go “ewwww” like some of Lady Gaga’s:

By the way, Janelle Monae remains my favorite 20something musician.

Hope you have a fun Friday.


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