I did the 30 Day Song Challenge on Facebook the past 30 days and thought I’d post them all in one post here. It was a fun challenge, but I now feel like taking a 30 day break from Facebook.

Here’s the list:

Day 1 – “Your favorite song.” The 1st movement of the Elgar Cello Concerto. Nobody performs this as well as Jacqueline Du Pre did but Alisa comes close. You can watch Du Pre perform the full movement here.

Day 2 – “Your least favorite song.” Working on the Highway by Bruce Springsteen. I like Bruce but could never fast forward past this song quick enough back in the day. Bruce has said he doesn’t like his Born in the USA album so I won’t feel bad about dissing this song. This live version seems slightly better than the studio one.

Day 3 – “A song that makes you happy.” U2 performed on cello makes me happy. This is from the new album by 2Cellos. Their version of Where The Streets Have No Name makes me even happier but there’s not a video of that one.

Day 4 – “A song that makes you sad.” Rachmaninov’s Vocalise performed on cello. This song was my constant companion for a brief period 10 years ago as I grieved a loss. The song still makes me feel sad.

Day 5 – “A song that reminds you of someone.” Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel. This song reminds me of  my daughter Alexa because it was this song that made me aware of the existence of the name Alexa.

Day 6 – “A song that reminds you of somewhere. Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles. A late 80s song that reminds me of college as it was a #1 hit at the time.

Day 7 – “A song that reminds you of a certain event.” Gigue of Bach Cello Suite #6. The CD of the 6th Bach Cello Suite as performed by Yo-Yo Ma happened to be playing as daughter #3 was born. Which was fitting, as it’s the most upbeat and joyful of the 6 cello suites. So this reminds me of her birth, of course.

Day 8 – “A song you know all the words to.” Gloria by U2.

Day 9 – “A song you can dance to.” Tightrope by Janelle Monae. Monae is sometimes called the female James Brown. She’s my favorite 20something performer. This live version is excellent.

Day 10 – “A song that puts you to sleep.” A Day Without Rain by Enya. The Enya station on Pandora has helped my youngest daughters fall asleep many times.

Day 11 – “A song from your favorite band.” Mercy by U2.

Day 12 – “A song from a band you hate.” Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen.

Day 13 – “A song that is a guilty pleasure.” Ray of Light by Madonna. Yeah, there are a few Madonna songs I actually like. This is one of them, even if she does look like a tatterdemalion here.

Day 14 – “A song no one would expect you to like.” Why Can’t I Be You by The Cure. My oldest daughter was appalled recently when I told her I like some songs by The Cure. Fortunately some of my fellow Gen X Facebook friends agreed this song is pretty awesome.

Day 15 – “A song that describes you.” Party Girl by U2. The title says it all. ;-)

Day 16 – “A song you used to love but now hate.” Coldplay songs tend to age quickly, so any Coldplay song would fit the bill here.

Day 17 – “A song you hear often on the radio.” Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

Day 18 – “A song you wish you heard on the radio.” This gives me an excuse to post a Muse song. Here’s one that probably doesn’t get played on the radio in the US. This song was inspired by my favorite Depeche Mode song, Enjoy the Silence.

Day 19 – “A song from your favorite album.” Mysterious Ways by U2.

Day 20 – “A song you listen to when you’re angry.” Third movement of Summer by Antonio Vivaldi as performed by Nigel Kennedy.

Day 21 – “A song you listen to when you’re happy.” Double Violin Concerto by Bach. No instrument covers the terrain from angry and intense to ecstatic and joyful like the violin.

Day 22 – “A song you listen to when you’re sad.” Saeta by Miles Davis. My favorite Miles Davis song. It’s based on Good Friday processional music, which is why the trumpet sounds disconsolate from the 1:14 mark on.

Day 23 – “A song you want played at your wedding.” Linus & Lucy by Vince Guaraldi. Linus & Lucy was the music for our wedding processional. I’m posting the George Winston version because I like how Winston deviates from the original beginning at the 1:53 mark.

Day 24 – “A song you want played at your funeral.” Sarabande of 5th Bach Cello Suite. The most somber movement in the Bach cello suites, yet it’s also a reminder that music like this is larger than death, so it would be most appropriate to be buried to this song.

Day 25 – “A song that makes you laugh.” Hey Eugene by Pink Martini.

Day 26 – “A song you can play on an instrument.” Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. Well, I could play this in junior high. Have barely touched the piano since then.

Day 27 – “A song you wish you could play.” Bach’s Chaconne for Solo Violin. I envy violinists who get to take the 17 minute musical and spiritual journey that is the Chaconne.

Day 28 – “A song from your childhood.” You’re The One That I Want from Grease.

Day 29 – “A song that makes you feel guilty.” Get Right With God by Lucinda Williams.

Day 30 – “Your favorite song a year ago.” Escape Artist by Zoe Keating.