I stopped blogging here some time ago when career changes commanded my full attention for a while. But I want to make you aware that I am now blogging regularly at my Front Porch Times blog. Please feel free to take a look. There is a subscribe button on the sidebar where you can sign up to get posts by email.

The posts are brief, for the most part, and contain quotes from books I’m reading, dry humor, nature observations, “aha” moments and inspirations.

Here are a few of my recent posts:

Wedding in Monona! – About my daughter’s wedding, my most popular post so far.

Sunday Morning: in praise of uncertainty and vicissitudes

It’s a nice day to st art again – a staycation trip to downtown Madison

Last night’s strawberry moon (with a side of Questions Before Dark) 

Why start blogging again? Seth Godin describes it well: “”Blogging is free, it doesn’t matter if anyone reads it. What matters is the humililty that comes from writing it. What matters is the metacognition of thinking about what you’re going to say. How do you …force yourself to describe in three paragraphs why you did something. This has become such a micro publishing platform that basically you’re doing it for yourself, to force yourself to become part of the conversation.”